The Menu

First of all, enjoy The Complete Menu, varied and which therefore can satisfy all tastes!

To Wait...

Here are some accompaniments for your aperitifs and to wait while waiting for the dishes.
Hot Garlic Bread - 7.50€
Slices of grilled baguettes, rubbed with garlic and parsley butter.
Mini Box - 18.00€

6 Nuggets, 6 Chicken Wings, 6 Mozzarella Sticks.

Plate Of Cold Meat Of Savoie - 17.00€
Selection of Delicatessen from Savoie.
Gourmet Slate Savoyard - 25.00€

Selection of Delicatessen and Cheeses of Savoie With Its Home made Chutney.

Duck Foie Gras - 26.00€
And its Home Made Fig Chutney.
French Fries - 6.00€
Crispy Onions - 7.00€
French Fries Cheese & Bacon - 8.00€


To start, enjoy a wide choice of cold starters or hot starters offered in The Menu.

But also, you can share platters of local dried meat and/or cheeses.
Vegetable Soup Of The Day - 13.00€
French Onion Soup - 14.50€
Omelettes =>
- Nature - 14.00€
- Ham and Cheese - 17.00€
- Ceps Mushrooms - 19.00€
Hot Goat Cheese Salad - 17.00€

Green Salad, Tomatoes, Warm Goat Cheese on Golden Croutons, Honey and Walnuts.

Vegetarian Salad - 17.00€

Green Salad, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Pickled Peppers, Zucchini.

Caesar Salad - 20.00€
Green Salad, Grilled Chicken, Croutons.
Chamois d'Or Salad - 21.00€
Green Salad, Raw Ham, Reblochon Croquants, Walnuts.
Gourmet Salad - 23.00€

Arugula, Buratta, Raw Ham, Parmesan Slices, Truffle Oil.

Bella Salad - 24.00€
Green Salad, Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Heart of Palm, Gambas and its Pink Sauce.

Our Specialties

In a word, come and taste our local specialties. Because these are prepared with care and local products.
Creamy Tartiflette - 25.00€
Potatoes, Bacon, Cream, Reblochon, Served with Green Salad.
Savoyard Cheese fondue
From 2 people. Served with Green Salad and Croutons.
Savoyard Cheese fondue - 22.00€/pax
Savoyard Ceps's Cheese fondue - 28.00€/pax
Savoyard Truffle's Cheese fondue - 31.00€/pax
Raw Milk Raclette From Savoie - 31.00€/pax

From 2 People. Served with Dried Meat, Green Salad and Potatoes

Royale Pierrade - 34.00€/pax
From 2 People. 4 Meats (Beef, Duck, Pork, Veal), Served with Fries.
Extra Dried Meat - 12.00€/pax

Can accompany Fondues or Tartiflette.

Ours Pizzas

Also, you can take advantage of our large selection of homemade pizzas!

Our Burgers
And Pastas

Of course, let’s not forget the dishes for fans of sport and the cold!
Cheese Burger - 19.00€

Buns, Chopped Steak, Tomatoes, Onions, Cheddar, Sauce.

Vegetarian Burger - 21.00€

Buns, Soya Steak, Sauce, Tomatoes, Onions, Eggplant, Zucchini, Raclette.

Big Burger - 23.00€

Buns, Chopped Steak, Tomates, Oignons, Toasted Dry Ham, Horse Egg, Raclette, Sauce.

Burger Savoyard - 22.00€

Buns, Chopped Steak, Smoked Breast, Raclette, Potato Galette, Sauce.

Burger Chicken - 22.00€

Buns, Breaded Chicken, Cheddar, Green Salad, Tomatoes, Onions, Sauce.

Bolognaise Linguini - 18.00€
Carbonara Linguini - 18.00€
Vegetarian Linguini - 18.00€
Truffle Linguini - 29.00€
Homemade Beef Lasagna - 22.00€
Ravioles =>
Small Squares of Finely Serrated Pasta, with its Stuffing Made from Compté AOP, Fresh White Cheese and Parsley.
Ricotta / Spinach - 17.00€
With 5 Cheeses - 18.00€
With Ceps - 21.00€

Our Meats and Fish

To continue, we also offer a wide choice of meats on our Menu and La Carte.
They are all accompanied by Vegetables of the Day or French Fries.
Ground beef - 19.00€
Beef tartare - 24.00€
Knife Cut, 180g.
Diots Savoyards - 24.00€
Lamb Chops - 27.00€
From Occitania (French Region).
Pork Filet Mignon - 29.00€
Truffle Sauce.
The Butcher's Choice - 29.00€


Duck Breast - 33.00€


Entrecote - 33.00€
400g – From France.
Beef Rib - 97.00€
2 Pax, Served Medium Raw.
Choice of Sauce
Sauce or Garnish Supplement - 5.00€
Green Pepper, Roquefort, Ceps.
Salmon Steak With Pesto - 26.00€
White Butter Sauce.

Cheeses, Desserts and Ice Creams

Finally, to end the meal, here is our dessert menu and our choice of sundaes.
Plate of Three Cheeses - 11.00€
And His Chutney.


Crème Brûlée - 9.00€

Vanilla Flavour.

Lemon Pie - 10.00€
And Its Meringue.
Blueberry Pie - 10.00€
Warm Tarte Tatin - 10.00€
And its Vanilla Quenelle.
Chocolate Mouss - 10.00€
Tiramisu - 11.00€
Cheese Cake - 11.00€

Red Fruits Flavour.

Coffee or Tea Gourmand - 11.50€
Extra - 1.50€
Double Expresso, Cappuccino, Double Expresso With Cream.

Ice Creams

Coffee or Chocolate Liégeois - 9.00€
3 Coffee or Chocolate Balls, Chantilly, Chocolate Coulis.
Banana Split - 9.00€

Vanilla’s, Strawberry’s, Chocolate’s, Ice Cream, Bannana, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Coulis.

The Savoyarde - 10.00€
Vanilla Ice Cream, Meringue, Whipped Cream, Chestnuts.
Cup 2 Balls - 5.50€
Cup 3 Balls - 7.00€

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Salted Butter Caramel, Coconut, Chestnuts, Lemon, Blueberry, Mint.


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